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Our Stylist Colleen at NYFW

Recently, our stylist Colleen got to go work her first fashion week in NYC under editorial hairstylist Jon Reyman.  This was always a dream of hers and she finally got to live and breath it!! We couldn’t wait to hear all about her experience.  Here’s what she had to say…“New York Fashion Week was amazing, but you are always on the go.  You work long days and you’re rarely in the same location.  Sometimes the shows you are scheduled for over lap so you have to make sure you get to the next show in time so you don’t miss the demo, otherwise you have no idea what the look is.  You have  3 hours to get however many models done and the models can come in at anytime.  Some models came in 5 minutes before they need to walk so you have to work as fast as you can to get them ready for the show.  A lot of the time we just prepped the hair, then about 30 minutes or so, or whenever the lead said it was time, we would style the final details so the hair is perfect for when the models walk.  With the long days and all the madness from rushing from one location to the next, getting the models ready, and making sure you have the look down, it was an experience I will never forget! I hope I get to do it from here on out!” hairfw2walk guycol

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