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Lauren (Lo) Snyder

Level 1 Stylist.

Lo comes to us from Kansas where she had been doing hair at Eric Fisher Salons. Her previous salon had just started to bring in Aveda and Lo was intrigued to learn more. With a need for a new adventure and a love for the outdoors, Lo and her fiancé moved to Colorado. Living near Boulder, with a continued interest in Aveda, Lo found Zinke. With us she is soaking in all that is Aveda.

Having naturally curly hair herself, Lo has a particular interest in curly hair. She also loves creating natural color and is having lots of fun with the unlimited customization that the Aveda line gives her. When not working in the salon, Lo loves to play board games and calls herself a Disney Freak as she loves all things Disney. Time with Lo will immediately bring a smile to your face. Her sweet and fun personality is contagious.

INTERESTS: traveling, flying, her dog, disney, hiking, rock climbing, board games, knitting.

REVIEW: “Lo was amazing! Very thorough cosmetologist who knows how to turn a haircut into an experience. Thank you so much, I’ll be back!”

FAVORITE QUOTE: “The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Lo Aveda Stylist Boulder Colorado